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Black Magic
Tyre Wet Spray
Black Magic
Tyre Wet Trigger
Black Magic
Tyre Wet Foam

Detailer’s Tips

For use on hard to reach areas, spray Tire Wet® onto a soft cloth and apply. Use Tire Wet® regularly to keep tires looking new. Wipe off over-spray on wheels and hubcaps.

Black Magic

Tyre Wet Foam
  • Long-lasting extreme shine
  • Cleans, shines, & protects in one easy step. One can works on up to 36 tires!
  • Apply to wet or dry tires
  • Specially formulated thick foam clings to the tire to dissolve and release dirt, road grime, and mud
  • Silicone oils protect and enrich your tires to reveal that ultimate tire wet® shine
  • Easy-to-control spray for excellent coverage - no over-spray - plus, sprays upside down
  • Leaves tires looking better than new

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  • 1. Shake can well.
  • 2. Apply to wet or dry tires.
  • 3. Spray foam liberally 6 inches from tire, covering sidewall surface evenly. Foam action starts cleaning instantly.
  • 4. Allow to dry approximately 10 minutes. No wiping or scrubbing required.

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